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Car fleet management – SATIS CFM

SATIS CFM Smart (Car Fleet Management) is a tool for optimal management of vehicle fleet, fully adapted to the Customer’s individual needs. It provides time savings, reduces costs, detects nonconformities, following deadlines and allows making the correct business decisions.

SATIS CFM Smart is modern software that enables efficient and comprehensive fleet management. It provides the option of keeping records of cars, supervision of their operation, and a comprehensive cost analysis. It is equipped with an extensive module for recording information about vehicles, users and organisational units. It stores complete information about vehicles, drivers, insurance periods and technical inspections.

Various add-on tools support fleet management and give the ability to fully automate the processes for management of company vehicles. Such tools include the option to collect cost data (fuel, repairs, insurance) with the feature for storage of scanned documents.

SATIS CFM Smart also makes it possible to schedule regular operations (such as inspections, servicing, renewal of vehicle insurance policies), control of the costs incurred and their detailed analysis. All the data collected in the system can be presented as transparent reports and various graphs.

SATIS CFM Smart is an effective tool for your fleet, supporting the management of:

  • vehicles
  • drivers
  • pool vehicles
  • fleet budgets
  • costs
  • income
  • tyres
  • parts stores
  • traffic tickets
  • motor insurance claims

Efficient fleet management is one of the processes that every company should have on its list of priorities. Lack of effective fleet management can lead to fraud and, consequentially, unnecessary increase in operating costs.

Key features of SATIS CFM Smart:

  • supervision and analysis of costs incurred, including storage of scanned documents
  • planning of regular operations (such as inspections, servicing, renewal of vehicle insurance policies, replacement of parts)
  • assigning users to vehicles
  • monitoring the validity of insurance policies
  • verification of the validity of driving licenses and medical examinations of drivers
  • automatic notifications of upcoming end date of leasing, rental
  • overview of maintenance orders and detailed maintenance history
  • tire records
  • information about the mileage of vehicles
  • automatic notifications of technical and registration inspections
  • integration of fuel card data
  • generating comprehensive reports and summaries
  • exporting data to other fleet software

Multifunctional and intuitive platform designed for car fleet management and coordination of all activities related to the proper operation of vehicles.
The system operation is based on the data from the monitoring system and/or third-party systems, and provides professional management of car fleets, optimising the use of resources and accurate control of costs. The system is always tailored to the nature of the business for which the implementation is carried out. We provide continuous software development for our Customers by delivering new versions of the program and free consultations.

We are the authors of the offered products and we have full rights to make changes, implementations, extensions and distributions.