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  • Why SATIS?


SATIS is a telemetry system used for satellite vehicle monitoring and car fleet management.

Tools that focus solely on the view of cars, machines, or people on-line are now a thing of the past. The complexity of business processes, the increasingly competitive market, and the efforts made by entrepreneurs to optimise the costs of their operations means that much more is expected from such systems.

Increasing customer needs

Measurement of fuel, working time, monitoring of additional vehicle elements, control of the actual construction machine working time, measurement of private and business kilometres, eco-driving, monitoring of drivers’ working hours, and verification of work carried out in the field are only the basic functions expected from GPS systems by managers responsible for key busines

The GPS monitoring and vehicle fleet management system should meet several key conditions:

Actual measurement of fuel consumed
with advanced fuel algorithms

Versatile solution
working with multiple models of GPS tracking units

Precise location tracking
vehicle route exactly matching the curvature of the road

Guaranteed functional development
technological resources and regular system updates

analysis of driving style as a tool motivating to cost-effective and safe driving

Access via website

The SATIS system is made available in a web browser window. It can be operated by a computer with Internet access. User does not have to install any additional components.

Flexibility and simplicity

SATIS is a very flexible tool. Therefore, it can be used not only for simple vehicle monitoring, but also in very complex solutions, including planning and optimisation of transport processes. This does not mean that it is complicated and difficult to use. Thanks to configuration of relevant parameters during implementation, specific functions can be enabled in such a way that the user sees only those that will be needed. Naturally, the functional scope of the system can be expanded in the future. This is done at the configuration level. It usually takes a few minutes to enabling features in the system.

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