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Fuel consumption monitoring

The Fuel Module in the SATIS system complements the monitoring service and is a tool for controlling fuel consumption in company vehicles. The comparison of consumed and supplied fuel gives the ability to detect any irregularities relating to fuel management at the company.

Fuel measurement is adjusted to the type of vehicle being monitored and can be made directly according to the float indicators, via the CAN bus, or through additional measuring tools, such as probes and flow meters. Fuel level data is transmitted to servers where they are analysed by the SATIS algorithm, which as the only one in the market have obtained the Innovation Certificate. The information obtained is a reliable source of knowledge about fuel consumption for individual vehicles or the entire fleet.
A modern GPS monitoring system should allow for fuel control using a variety of technologies.

SATIS enables reading from:

  • Fuel probes (digital and analogue)
  • Flow meters installed in the manufacturer’s fuel system
  • Manufacturer’s floats
  • CAN bus in three variants, depending on the vehicle brand and model
  • Instant consumption
  • Total Fuel, which is a kind of meter for determining the amount of fuel amount that has actually been supplied to the engine

Fuel algorithm

Measurement is only an introduction to determining the actual fuel consumption, filling or missing fuel. To carry it out properly, the system must have an advanced algorithm that shows reliable data.

The SATIS system uses advanced compensation algorithm for precise analysis of the tank contents, including their natural behaviour in the tank (fluctuations), consumption during stops, supply for additional vehicle elements and specific operating conditions (e.g. construction machines).

It is one of the most advanced fuel algorithms available on the Polish market.

Fuel balance

The integration of the fuel control module with the fuel card systems and the systems of container and mobile filling stations provides the option of preparing very accurate fuel balances for the entire fleet.

SATIS TANK is a tool dedicated to businesses with private, container or mobile filling stations, and guarantees a complete elimination of frauds relating to fuel management.

  • Measurement devices for dispensers – installation of very precise flow meters, whose accuracy is comparable to those at commercial gas stations
  • Securing the dispenser nozzle – release after using cards identifying the driver or vehicle
  • Automatic comparison the amount of fuel released from the dispenser with the amount actually supplied to the tank

The ability of SATIS TANK to work with the existing fuel infrastructure of our Customers makes our solutions very versatile.

Control and savings

Accurate combustion measurement is particularly important when employees have constant access to fleet vehicles. SATIS makes it easy to distinguish how many kilometres were driven by the employee privately and for business purposes, with the use of work time schedules, for example.

Our practice shows that it is possible to reduce the private mileage of vehicles even by 40%. With typical mileage of company vehicles of 40,000 km a year, it amounts to 16,000 km. Assuming the average fuel consumption of 8 l/100 km and fuel price of 5 PLN/l, actual yearly savings of PLN 6,400 per vehicle can be obtained. The amount significantly exceeds the cost of installation of the SATIS system and subscription for 36 months.

Fuel control with SATIS can bring significant savings to your annual budget. The system is also a tool that checks the integrity of employees and effectively prevents fuel theft or illegal filling at the expense of the company. Consumption analysis for individual vehicles provides more efficient management during long-distance business trips. Contact us for details about operation of the SATIS system and algorithms.