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Reports and analyses

SATIS is a convenient tool for reporting important events in the company, in standard version providing a large number of reports for analysis of data stored in the system database.

The SATIS system in standard version features 12 most commonly used reports. Furthermore, each user has access to additional, specialised and easy-to-use tools, which allow preparing any report or notification with just several clicks. Depending on the preference, this may be a list or message available to one or multiple selected users.

Report schedule

A very useful feature of the SATIS system is the report scheduling module. Regardless of whether report is delivered with the system or created by the user himself/herself, it is possible to define the frequency and receiving users, the reporting period and format in which the report is to be automatically sent to the indicated email address.

This is a significant feature, since access to key information is provided without having to log into the system. Usefulness of the report subscription module is proven by the fact that almost 80% of analyses carried out by all SATIS Customers is generated through the report schedule. Sometimes, however, the nature of business requires reports that meet its individual needs. It is also possible to create additional reports that contain user-defined elements.