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GPS monitoring

GPS monitoring allows for precise monitoring of vehicle and machine locations on digital maps and tracking of their operating parameters in real time.

Control capabilities of the positioning system provide measurable benefits – cost savings and efficient performance management. They contribute to reducing unnecessary mileage, good use of resources, decreasing costs and optimising business processes without increasing expenditure.

With advanced reports and analyses, you can also easily assess the performance and efficiency of working hours of mobile employees. Optimising the routes travelled by vehicles in terms of number of kilometres reduces the amount of fuel consumed.


  • online vehicle location
  • real-time monitoring
  • setting routes and destinations
  • history of vehicle mileage and location
  • setting the driver areas
  • extensive reporting system
  • analysis of vehicle operating parameters

Actual location

A good-quality GPS should be able to read the location in such a way that the vehicle route shown on the map matches the curvature of the road. This approach allows for precise calculation of routes, so the frequency of locations should be provided using 3 key parameters:

  • time, e.g. every 30 seconds
  • distance, e.g. every 200 metres
  • angle of turn, so the vehicle perfectly matches the curves on the road

GPS tracking units

A vehicle tracking unit makes it possible to keep track of routes and stop times, and indicates the average speed and fuel consumption. By using the SATIS GPS system, fleet managers can minimise the risk of fraud by their employees. Such control directly affects the reduction of financial losses and more efficient management of business vehicles.

GPS tracking units contain the following:

  • a GPS receiver for determining location
  • a GPRS modem that sends the data collected by the unit to the IT system
  • a CAN BUS connector – used for real-time reading of vehicle operating parameters (such as fuel level, engine speed, current fuel consumption, fuel actually used by the engine, odometer reading, operating hours, operation of actuators, e.g. digger bucket, or status of accessories, such as seat belts)
  • an auxiliary input and output module, which enables the functional extension of the system
  • a microcomputer central unit for proper aggregation and interpretation of the collected data

The SATIS system can work with any GPS unit with an open communication protocol. This means that you do not have to disassemble a device previously installed in the vehicle.

Vehicle monitoring based on GPS technology is a basic service, which allows for expansion of the SATIS system by adding more modules.

We encourage you to contact SATIS representatives, who will prepare a non-binding proposal for you free of charge.