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SATIcar – an integrated Carsharing management system


SATIcar is an integrated IT system that enables finding a vehicle, renting it with use of a smartphone and at the end paying for renting it. Vehicles that can be rented are motor vehicles, electric vehicles or scooters.

SATIcar is also a self-service platform for booking a company vehicle for business or private needs. It allows you to manage company pool cars, as well as to automatize the rental process for enterprises offering “rent-a-car” services. SATIcar enables precise mapping of rental and vehicle returns policy in accordance with  procedures applicable in the client’s company, including vehicle and equipment safety.
The implementation of the SATIcar system is possible even within a month.

How we support your Carsharing?

SATIcar system consists of several modules cooperating with each other, which have different tasks and functions.


System functionalities

The efficient operation of carsharing services is possible thanks to the intuitive Mobile and Web Application. The application is user-friendly and easy to use, despite many functionalities.

Mobile application functions:

  • Notifications about car availability
  • Different methods of finding cars on the map
  • Routing and navigating to the booked vehicle
  • Booking – rental
  • Automatic unlocking of the car (GPS, QR code)
  • Car condition survey at the moment of rental
  • Rental valuation and presentation of current costs
  • Ending the rental / closing the car
  • Charging the lessee’s account
  • Video calls with Call Centre

User’s web application:

  • User registration
  • Data update
  • Change of the access password
  • Preview of the list of activated bonuses / activation of the bonus from the discount code
  • Viewing archived routes
  • Generating a list of costs incurred
  • Finding and booking of a vehicle on the map
  • Preview of the list of vehicles

The Advanced Administration Panel is a tool that is used to independently manage system functionalities. SATIcar Administration Panel:

  • Vehicle management – services, refuelling / charging, claim settlement, insurance, technical inspections, tickets, tires
  • Calculation of kilometres travelled, driving and stopping time – charging the registered pay card, issuing invoices, awarding bonuses
  • Providing services for different cities and different vehicle models with a different rental rate in one system
  • Flexible booking time, which can be extended or shortened depending on needs
  • Adjusting the time necessary to start the car and starting charging rental fees
  • Price list management (minute, daily, mixed)
  • Generating reports, statements and statistics
  • Loyalty programs, bonuses and discounts
  • Control of the current booking and rental status (in the form of graphics, tables)

The Advanced Management Platform allows to use the system capabilities multilaterally and effectively. 

  • Locating vehicles on digital maps, monitoring and reporting on routes travelled and tracking operating parameters in real time
  • Alerts about unwanted situations: unauthorized opening of the door, going outside the authorized zone, dangerous driving, low battery charge
  • Drawing zones on the map with the division into areas with special parking lots and in which the rental ending is allowed or forbidden
  • “Hot zones” – that illustrate the start and the end points of the ride, enabling the analysis of the most common rental locations
  • Fuel control – comparison of data from fleet cards with refuelled fuel
  • Detecting abuse associated with refuelling private cars using fuel cards for carsharing vehicles
  • Emergency locking / unlocking of the central lock in the car and blocking / unblocking the ignition

Modern transmitters, dedicated to Carsharing or fleet vehicles, allow you to control your vehicle using satellite communication systems. The system can be adapted to new car models. Using the GMS / GPRS signal, the device provides information on the position and condition of the vehicle as well as messages from two CAN bus interfaces. The CAN bus controls the central lock of the vehicle – analogously or by an automatic keyless remote control. The system checks if the customer has left vehicle registration document, fuel card and keys in the car (if required). The tracker allows you to open the vehicle for service needs with use of bluetooth.

Backoffice contains many advanced functionalities:

  • Customer data verification module
  • Verification of payment cards by 3D Secure without storing their numbers
  • Verification of Customer’s address data by Blue Media (optional)
  • Verification of documents pictures without their storage
  • Automatic customer charging
  • Automatic invoicing mechanism
  • Settlement of bank statements
  • Accounting and debt collection
  • Integration with the financial and accounting system
  • Module for Call Center employees
  • Module for managing alerts and events
  • Access to the current technical condition of vehicles
  • Vehicle damage management
  • Photographic documentation, etc.
  • Creating and managing rental price lists
  • Minute pricing for driving, parking and time
  • Management of promotions and bonuses
  • Always up-to-date status of rentals and journeys
  • Current calendar, history and booking
  • Rental profitability reports (costs and revenues)
  • The use and potential of vehicle utilization
  • Fleet reports regulated by law
  • Administrative and cost summary
  • Operational reports (mileages, fuel)
  • A complete tool for fleet administration
  • Supervision of operation and costs
  • Vehicles, policies, damages, tickets, etc.
  • Watching deadlines, alerts and reminders
  • Fleet and CRM documentation management

SATIcar is IT system ready to be implemented immediately. System architecture allows quick adaptation to the Client’s requirements, including personalization related to the use of the company’s visual identification.