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Filling station operation – control of fuel circulation in the company

Filling stations integrated with the SATIS system provide a solution for full control over fuel management. This makes it possible to close the fuel circulation within the company and to quickly detect and eliminate any irregularities.

The SATIS system supports efficient fuel management at filling stations. It gives the ability to start a filling station at the company premises or at any other convenient location, and also provides an alternative to filling at external stations. It allows for independent control of the amount of fuel taken from the supplier tankers and the ongoing analysis of fuel distribution to the company’s fleet.

Installation of your own tank with dispenser, integrated with the SATIS system, eliminates the extra fuel costs of fuel purchase and the time needed to get to a filling station. You can also keep track of the fuel supply status. The software supports any type of fuel dispenser.

Information on the release of fuel from the filling station subject to measurement is transmitted to the system and contains data regarding the vehicle and the amount of fuel taken. Fuel measurement in the vehicle is automatically compared with the amount of fuel that has been supplied. The Customer is notified of any differences.

The system is based on full flow of information between the management centre and the filling station. Only a device with Internet access is required to use the system. Platform can be operated online, also on mobile devices.

An expanded and detailed module of reports and analyses in the system allows not only to record fuel sales, but also to conduct in-depth analysis and planning. Every action at the station is reflected in the report module. Users can generate comprehensive reports of sales and margins, as well as check the effectiveness of staff work.
SATIS is our proprietary product, and therefore, at request, we can expand it by adding new features and support of further automation devices for filling stations.

We also offer filling station equipment such as: ground steel and plastic tanks, measuring probes and fuel gauges.

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