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Company pool car management

Efficient company car fleet management leads not only to savings, but also to more effective work organization. Alongside the standard model of company cars assigned to individual employees, we have observed the growing popularity of ‘pool cars’. Unlike the former, these are not assigned to a single user, but can be used by many employees of a given company – even all of them if required.

Company pool cars make good economic sense for small and large companies, by allowing a reduction in the number of cars in the fleet, as well as improving their utilization. When the cars are used for professional purposes only, it is also possible to deduct 100% of the VAT from the fleet expenses, such as for fuel or technical inspections.

Benefits associated with carpooling vehicles in the company:

  • The possibility to reduce the number of vehicles in the company
  • The possibility to deduct 100% of the VAT from fleet expenses
  • Savings on fleet expenses
  • Control over company vehicles
  • Better utilization of resources

SATIS Carpooling application

The SATIS Carpooling application constitutes one of the modules of the SATIS system, allowing full automation of the process of company car management and pooling. The tool is based both on web and mobile applications, allowing the reservation of a car in advance, opening (beginning of use) and closing its door (end of use) remotely, as well as the inclusion in the system of such information as cleanness or damage to the car.

Thanks to this solution, you are able to consider whether it is economical to retain the position of car key administrator, and even reduce the number of cars in the company. Reducing the number in your fleet by just one enables you to save approximately PLN 1.5 thousand and PLN 18 thousand in monthly and annual expenses, respectively. With the tool allowing further reductions in the number of cars, the actual savings of PLN 18 thousand can be multiplied.

Thanks to the SATIS Carpooling application, the company fleet manager can administer with ease the permissions of the employees who use the company cars at the company’s expense.

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