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Precise location tracking

The concept of location reading frequency very often (deliberately by dishonest vendors) is boiled down to the frequency of vehicle updates on the map in the IT system.
This is not a right approach…

Actual location

A good-quality GPS should be able to read the location in such a way that the vehicle route shown on the map matches the curvature of the road. Only this approach allows for precise calculation of routes. Therefore, the frequency of location should be determined through 3 key parameters:

  • time, e.g. every 30 seconds
  • distance, e.g. every 200 metres
  • angle of turn, so the vehicle perfectly matches the curves on the road

Let’s consider the costs

Because of the significant cost of data transmission from tracking units (especially roaming), readings in the SATIS system are made more frequently than data updates on the map. When updating the vehicle position, there is not one, but several readings simultaneously on the map.

If the system refreshes data on the map every 30 seconds and the vehicle moves on the highway at 140 km/h, 6 readings of locations made every 200 metres will appear on the map every 30 seconds. This way, the route can be reflected very accurately, providing high-quality measurements.

In some projects we make location readings and data updates on the map every 1 second. This means significant costs, but our main goal is to meet the Customer’s business needs.

Control and save

Thanks to its precise GPS tracking, the SATIS system can verify the compliance of the sales representatives’ reports with their actual activities in the field. SATIS gives the option of very accurate checking whether the reported work actually took place.

Assuming that a sales representative carries out 180 business visits a month, the cost of his/her employment is PLN 10,000 (PLN 5500 as part of employment contract as the employer’s cost, PLN 3000 for car and maintenance costs, the remaining amount for other tools needed for work), it can be calculated that one sales visit costs PLN 56.

Experience shows that reports of actually non-existing visits may be even 10% of all reported events – in our case this means 18 visits. The SATIS GPS system allows you to eliminate 100% of such cases. Therefore, it is possible to save up to PLN 1000 per month and increase the difficult-to-estimate sales value by eliminating visits that have never taken place.