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GPS tracking units

All tracking units used in the SATIS system utilise the open structure of transmitted data, which allows using them also in other positioning systems. This is very important for our customers because if they need to change the system, they do not have to invest in new devices, but can use those already installed instead.

We use tracking units made by recognised manufacturers and equipped with an open communication protocol. This means that the devices can work virtually with any vehicle tracking system.

One system – many tracking device models

To ensure the versatility of solutions, the GPS monitoring system should be able to work with multiple models of GPS tracking units supplied by various manufacturers. This allows not only to tailor the solution to the specific needs of customers, but also guarantees the ability to migrate devices between different systems.

SATIS is one of few systems of this type in Poland where customer loyalty is not built by using devices that can work with only one IT system. Our cooperation is based on the delivery of advanced services of very high quality.

Features on request

We have a real influence on the improvement of features of the most commonly used tracking units in Poland. We care about the development of their technical capabilities. As a result, your business needs can be reflected in the functionality of both hardware and software.

By choosing SATIS, you become the owner of the device.