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Application development

Regular updates

SATIS is the only system of this type available in Poland with 12 updates per year. Their purpose is to expand the system functionality. Thanks to regular updates, the features offered by the system ensure tangible business benefits for Customers in every industry.

Technological resources

The SATIS system is developed by a permanent team of ten developers, and if needed, more people can be engaged in the project from over 400 highly qualified IT specialists and IT architects.

Flexibility and functional development

The GPS monitoring system should be flexible and the software provider should ensure its continuous development. Only this way, the Customers can be sure that the system will develop with their changing needs. From customer point of view, one of the biggest advantages of the SATIS system is that it is under constant functional development. This is a deliberate and necessary step needed for the tool to keep up with changes in processes, the changing needs of entrepreneurs, and new solutions introduced to vehicles and GPS tracking units themselves.