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Control and recording of working hours of truck drivers

Identification, recording, control and calculation of drivers’ working hours.

A company using vehicles equipped with a digital tachograph should regularly record cards, control, keep records and calculate the truck driver’s working hours. Such readings are mandatory and subject to penalties if the company fails to meet the obligation. For that purpose, vehicles are usually brought to the company’s headquarters or an employee is dispatched to inspect, record, register and calculate truck hours on the road.

The solution offered in the SATIS system provides control, recording and registration of driving hours, and remote reading of card data and tachograph memory in real time, anywhere, anytime, without the need for stops and additional equipment. So it is no longer necessary to do all the logistical planning needed to bring the relevant truck at a specific place and time, to retrieve the data registered in the tachograph. This way, the company saves the costs and working hours of the truck driver.

Electronic driver identification modules are installed in vehicles equipped with analogue tachographs. The truck driver is obliged to use the identification card so it is possible to determine who is driving the vehicle at the moment. If this is not done, a high frequency signal is heard in the cabin, which reminds the employee of the required identification. Registering, recording, control and final calculation of working time significantly increases the efficiency and performance of operations. The algorithms in the SATIS system count the hours of stops and driving time of the truck driver with great accuracy.

Cooperation with customers

While carrying out the transport processes, there are situations where an impatient contractor makes numerous calls to the freight forwarder to ask when the expected vehicle will arrive.

The SATIS system includes the option of periodic view of the selected vehicle or group of vehicles. The customer receives a link to online monitoring to its e-mail address. The view is made available in a strictly defined time period. The person provided with the vehicle view receives a link; when clicked, it displays the map and current drive view.

After the period for which the vehicle view is available, clicking the link will display a message of the lack of viewing privileges. o braku uprawnień do podglądu.

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