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Management module

Route optimisation

In advanced implementations of SATIS system, it is possible to launch a module for route optimisation. This is a particularly useful feature when a vehicle must handle multiple loading or unloading points on its route. The route optimization module takes into account the places and time windows for loading or unloading. This makes it easy to plan the engagement of individual vehicles and drivers needed to handle transport orders, so that the transports are as economical as possible.

In the near future, the optimisation module will include a tool that will also optimise the use of the cargo area.

Timeliness of deliveries and control of transport conditions

A standard function of the SATIS system is online monitoring. With monitoring the operator responsible for handling transport processes has the ability to respond immediately to any situations that could lead to delays in deliveries. This helps to improve the quality of Customer service.

In addition, SATIS makes it possible to temporarily (with day and time limits) provide a view of the vehicle that carries out the transport tasks for the Customer. This allows the Customer to prepare for pickup or loading of goods.

Transport corridors

It often happens that for some reason the transport should follow a detailed route. This may be due to safety issues, the conditions of transport on the routes used for carriage. Each time the vehicle leaves the designated corridor, it automatically results in a notification (alert) generated by the SATIS system.