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Cars and delivery vehicles

Cars and delivery vehicles are the vast majority of fleet vehicles active on the roads.


A significant group is the passenger cars of sales representatives, merchandisers, service technicians and many other mobile employees. Persons using these vehicles are rarely present at the headquarters of their companies, and therefore it is particularly important to have a precise control over their activities in the field. SATIS supports light vehicle fleets of businesses in the FMCG and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as broadly-defined technical service companies.

Delivery vehicles

Another group are light commercial vehicles carrying people or cargo. We carry out a number of projects for companies engaged in services for food, pharmaceutical, veterinary wholesale companies, as well as small and medium passenger carriers.

Needs of light vehicle fleet managers

  • Distinction between private and business kilometres
  • Verifying whether the employees travelling in the vehicles carry out their tasks in accordance with the reports submitted
  • Reducing fuel consumption by eliminating employee fraud, disciplining drivers and encouraging them to eco-driving
  • Precise measurement of employee working hours
  • Automation of maintenance processes related to the car fleet (servicing, inspection, replacement of parts, insurance)
  • Improved timeliness of deliveries made by light commercial vehicles
  • Increased safety of employees and vehicles
  • Optimising the cost of maintaining a car fleet
  • Notification of desired or undesired events