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Management of machine facilities

Automation of maintenance processes

Vehicle fleet management involves the need to monitor a number of parameters that determine the operational capacity of vehicles. Most common are servicing, inspections, insurance, and replacement of parts.

Due to the fact that the SATIS system has the option to check the vehicle odometer readings (including operating hours) and define the dates for maintenance and insurance, a group of functions can be used for automatic monitoring of the need to perform any predefined maintenance activities in advance, as specified by the user.

The use of these features allows timely and consistent use of machine facilities, as well as optimising the number of people responsible for fleet management.

Machine location tracking in real time

Real-time machine location tracking makes it possible to keep track of where respective units are currently located. The system user is kept informed whether the machine is switched on, whether it is working, how much fuel is in the tank and who is currently operating it.

The most important benefit of machine facilities monitoring is the ability to respond immediately in situations of deviations from the defined working patterns of machines.

Measurement of the actual working time

Since the SATIS system has the option to freely mark areas on the map, you can easily draw the areas of all the projects operated by the machine facilities. This allows generating reports of the working time of machines, operators, and fuel consumed for individual projects. Therefore, it is possible to ensure precise cost control and settlement automation.