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Monitoring of construction machine working time

Detailed measurement of actual working time.

The CAN bus data or analogue measurement of rpm in construction equipment can be used with great accuracy to determine whether a device is physically being used at the moment or whether it is idle with the engine running. The monitoring we propose makes it possible to eliminate frauds associated with the declared working time of construction machines and unnecessarily consumed fuel.

Before implementation of the SATIS system, many of our Customers would very often found that the data entered into timesheets did not match the activities actually performed as part of the project. Three months after the implementation of the monitoring system, our Customers stopped using the ineffective paper timesheets. Currently, all reports and summaries are generated in the system and the average fuel consumption by machinery has been reduced to about 25%.

The construction machine monitoring recommended by us significantly increases the efficiency of operations and indicates the actual working time of machinery. This way, employers do not have to incur unnecessary costs, while employees are more engaged in their duties. Our product is an ideal investment for both small and large enterprises.