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Operator control

Measurement of the actual operator’s working time

Many companies that decide to use the SATIS system use different fees for the operator’s working hours depending on whether he/she does actual work in the machine or performs other tasks.

The use of driver identification modules in construction machines enables a quick and accurate summary of their working time in machines during the set period. This clearly separates the working time in machines from other tasks.

Elimination of employee fraud

Depending on the type of machine, its location and the method of its use, employee fraud is becoming a widespread problem, involving jobs on the side using the machinery. Since the SATIS system gives the option to define the geographic areas in which operation of construction machines is permitted, it is possible to completely eliminate situations in which machines perform unauthorised tasks at other places.

The second type of actions common among employees is taking fuel from the tank or filling to external tanks. In both cases, the fuel algorithm and integration with supported filling systems allow for considerable limitation of such practices.