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Safety on the site

Theft protection

Theft of working and construction machines is becoming more and more frequent. GPS tracking units offered with the SATIS system are an anti-theft security feature, also used as a two-channel immobilizer.

The driver identification module is required to run this option. It is necessary to use a digital ID card when attempting to start the vehicle. If this is not done, the system prevents the machine from starting. Sometimes an unauthorised person decides to load the machine onto platform without running it. In this situation, the algorithm that determines the machine movement will detect the change in its position, which will generate an alarm in the system and send a notification to the predefined mobile phone numbers.

The tracking unit has its own emergency power supply, so disconnecting the main supply in the machine is ineffective. The use of theft protection not only minimises the probability of loss of equipment, but also gives grounds for requesting insurance discounts in respect of theft coverage.

Notification of desired or undesired events

SATIS tracking units allow collecting a very wide range of parameters and indicators, ranging from the vehicle position, current speed or the amount of fuel in the tank to the identification of operation of advanced vehicle components. These data may be supplemented by information from map data, such as points on the map or predefined areas.

Using the available variables, the system can very easily define any alarm or notification that will be displayed in the application and sent to the indicated email address or mobile phone.

An example is alerting of high engine speed at low vehicle speed, indicating a very rapid acceleration of the vehicle, or a notification of the direction and speed of rotation of a concrete mixer drum in an area other than the designated unloading point, or machine running idle with engine on for a specific time – e.g. 15 minutes.