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Monitoring of waste, municipal vehicles, garbage trucks

Monitoring of waste vehicles, control of their operation, automated work schedule and verifying its completion – all this is not just an investment, but also a statutory obligation as of 1 January 2012.

In accordance with Law of 2011 No. 152 item 897, the entities collecting municipal waste are obliged, among others, to prepare quarterly reports containing information of:

  • weight of individual types of waste
  • weight of biodegradable waste
  • weight of waste not transferred for storage in landfills
  • number of owners of properties from which the waste was collected
  • property owners who collect municipal waste in a manner inconsistent with the regulations
  • quantity and type of liquid waste collected from the area of ​​the municipality
  • methods for management of liquid waste, including the indication of the sewage collection station to which the liquid waste was transferred
  • number of owners of properties from which the liquid waste was collected

The solution we propose is the monitoring of municipal vehicles, including garbage trucks, and waste monitoring.

Implementation of a special GPS system allows entrepreneurs to meet their statutory obligations, as well as provides the following:

  • planning of vehicle routes
  • current monitoring of garbage trucks and their routes
  • determining the working time of fleet and drivers
  • optimizing the routes, and thus reducing the costs of work
  • quick response in emergency situations
  • implementation of Eco-driving programs
  • automation of maintenance operations in the fleet vehicles

All the above options are provided after the implementation of the SATIS system.