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Waste weight monitoring

Waste weighing methods:

Without using scales

This is cheaper method, ensuring a certain degree of measurement averaging. Measurement of the weight of collected/delivered waste is done by determining the average weight of waste in the particular type of container. The data are entered along with other logistic data.

Measurement of the weight of collected waste is done by multiplying the average weight of particular type of container by the average net weight of its content.

Due to the fact that the SATIS system allows for identification for each case of container lifting, the calculations are averaged only at the generalisation level resulting from the average weight of the container.

Using scales

If the waste vehicle is equipped with scales for determining the weight of the lifted load and provides the option to read its value, SATIS tracking units are prepared to read this value and send it to the system along with other parameters.

It is also possible to install additional equipment in selected types/models to establish the weight to be lifted (loaded) on the vehicle. Such devices allow for sending the readings through the SATIS tracking unit and transferring them to the app.