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Work time tracking

Work time tracking

It is quite common practice for mobile employees to report visits, activities and tasks that have never actually happened. The SATIS system allows you to eliminate 100% of such cases. Import of data on visit points, plans and reports of operations in the field can be used to quite accurately determine whether the reported visits actually took place.

Control of working hours of mobile employees

A typical and frequently discussed issue in companies with mobile employees is excessively high number of tasks (e.g. visits) per day indicated by employees. Thanks to the implementation of the SATIS system, it is easy to determine what part of the working hours is required for the employee to reach customers and how much time he/she actually spends to complete the tasks. This makes it possible to optimise the daily routes and accurately determine how many visits can be actually carried out without exceeding the standard working hours.

Our experience so far has shown that in most cases mobile employees are able to easily make 1-2 visits per day more than before the implementation of our solution.